Who We Are

The Notable Youth Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to preserve the musical talent that exists within every child. From private music instruction to exciting performance groups, The Notable Youth Foundation is able to reach out to children in our community who are in desperate need of the beauty that the arts can bring into their lives.

Why We Do What We Do

During the past two decades, the curricula of our public school systems have undergone some dramatic changes. One of the most noticeable and tragic changes has been the steady diminution of fine art and music instruction on both the elementary and secondary school levels. Scholastic emphasis has shifted strongly to favor mathematics and sciences in education.
While these are important areas of focus, the values taught and learned through musical instruction are sorely needed by our youth. Values such as: discipline, self-respect, self-confidence, cooperation and teamwork, respect for others, accountability, dedication and delayed gratification are just some of the vital lessons that our children are missing every day in which the performing arts are absent from their lives.
That our youth are in need of the benefits inherent in music education is evident. The rise in drug abuse, gang activity and school violence are just a few signs that our children need a constructive alternative to the mindless entertainment and idle activity that is so prevalent in today's society. Children who are given an opportunity to belong to a positive group or to dedicate themselves to a creative discipline are more likely to manifest their uniqueness through artistic expression rather than self-destruction. In fact, studies even show that quality arts instruction heightens the learning process by teaching literacy, improving reading skills and boosting memory retention.
However, there are other advantages to such instruction that studies cannot show: advantages such as giving our children a way to open the center or their creative souls, allowing them to express their feelings and realize their dreams, and bringing light and hope back into their troubled lives.
Louie Armstrong, in trouble at age nine, was given a trumpet by his reform school. Albert Einstein, out of control and expelled from school in the first grade, was encouraged to play the violin by his parents. The rest is history
Over two thousand years ago, Plato said, "Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education, and children should be taught music before anything else." With funding for arts education in public schools cut by 50% since 1981, however, musical instruction is primarily available only to those who seek community or private lessons. Because our youth must increasingly seek outside sources of instruction in the performing arts, the arts are slowly disappearing from their lives. Many families do not have the resources and/or the time to provide their children with this important, enriching aspect of a well-rounded education. This is where we, The Notable Youth Foundation, come into play. 

What You Can Do

We invite you, the concerned members of the community, to join with us in bringing music back into the education of society's youth. Whether you wish to participate by donating your time and talent, by making a financial contribution, or by becoming a corporate sponsor, the Notable Youth Foundation welcomes you to participate. All contributions and proceeds received from donations, services and performances are tax deductible and are used to provide children in need with musical instruments, lessons, and performance experiences. 
Thank you so much for your interest and support. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

The Beginnings of the Notable Youth Foundation.