Dan specializes in vocal training and is now focusing on students ages 12 and under. He likes to teach instruments and voice simultaneously having made remarkable breakthroughs with young students.

"There are some things that have lasting value. Music is one of them. The songs you sang as a child bring peace and youthful tranquility whenever you think of them. I remember singing Aloha, Oi as a kid, and because the music was too hard for the piano player, I sang it accapella. That experience and song have become an indelible part of my memory forever. That day, I not only discovered my talent for music, but the concept that I needed to use this talent to be happy and successful in this life. I work hard every day to continue to develop my talent. There is so much to know that I may never learn it all, but the enjoyment it brings has made a lasting impact on my life and those around me. My music school is an extension of that continuing quest."